Hidden Gutter Repair


EPDM hidden gutter membranes are installed incorrectly
most of the time. The seams and drains are nailed down
and sealed with caulking. We cut the membrane away to
expose the drain flange. We have to clean the copper drain and the membrane really well. This is a crucial step of the job. If the copper and the membrane are not properly cleaned the patch won't adhere very well. Then we install a new and proper membrane patch to tie the copper flange into the old gutter membrane. We can also upgrade your drains from the standard 1-3/4" (2") to

2-3/4" (3") and add a downspout clean-out to improve drainage. A downspout clean-out lets the debris fall into the drain and makes the filter accessible for you to clean out on ground level. You can trust Aldergrove Roofing with your built in membrane gutter repairs. We back our work with a 5 year warranty on all patches installed.

Drain upgrade
1-3/4" (2")
2-3/4" (3")
Downspout Cleanout