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Low Slope Roofing: How a Torch-On Roof Can Save the Day

A low slope roof with asphalt shingles can be problematic. The customer's home had a relatively low pitch, which meant that traditional shingles were not the best choice for the job. They were prone to leaking specially in high winds.

After discussing the options with the customer, we recommended a torch-on roof as the best solution for their needs. Torch-on roofs are made of a rubberized asphalt material that is applied with a heat torch. This creates a watertight barrier that is highly resistant to leaks. Additionally, the material is very flexible, which allows it to move with the natural expansion and contraction of the roof deck.

The installation process for a torch-on roof can be a bit more complex than traditional shingles, but our team of experts was up to the task. We started by removing the old shingles and making sure the roof deck was in good condition. Next, we mechanically fastened a layer of asphaltic torch board. After that, we heat welded the torch-on material in multiple layers with staggered seams.

The end result was a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting roof that the customer was thrilled with. The new roof not only looks great but it also provides a much better protection from the elements.

If you're dealing with a low slope roof in the Lower Mainland area and are tired of dealing with leaks and other issues, a torch-on roof may be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your home with a high-quality, low-slope roofing solution.

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